Category: Features

New Bullying Policy

Hi there, We have now added a support process for victims of Cyber Bullying making bullying easier to report. We have decided to add this as some kind of safety net to the victims of Cyber Bullying. Thanks the Socially Elvis team.
When our team went through Socially Elvis to add more to make it better, we realised that the only thing we didn’t have a process for was Copyright Infringement which we decided to act on and add the first Copyright process form to Socially Elvis but to make sure our network wasn’t


We are at some-point tonight (27/10/2017) adding a new Marketplace feature to Socially Elvis, this is so that our users can buy or sell using Socially Elvis as an advertisement tool. All money is dealt with away from Socially Elvis and is dealt with personally between you and the third-party, this means

Our New Announcement

Hi there, we think it is about time we tell you about our latest project which is going to be a new Android mobile quiz so that our users and everyone else can test there Elvis Presley knowledge! We will let you know if and when it has been completed and/or released.
Hi there, We would like to tell you about our latest feature We have added chat to Socially Elvis which is basically the same as the chat feature on Facebook… Take a look by going to the network. We hope you like it and enjoy using it. The Socially Elvis team.
Hi We have now added an easy feedback feature to Socially Elvis, the reason is because we would love to know what you think about our network and related websites. Your feedback helps us to improve Socially Elvis, so if you want to help please go to Socially Elvis to provide us


Socially Elvis is looking for your feedback on SE Info, we would like to ask you to please provide your feedback on our website by going direct to The Socially Elvis team.