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New Block & Report

Socially Elvis Team/ October 19, 2018/ Features, Info, New, Site, Support, Updates

Socially Elvis is getting better, but safer too and this is shown in our new report and blocking features meaning if you see a post that seems abusive or looks like spam you can report this and the box you’ll see will look like this… Once you have reported the post in question our team will take a closer look

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Irregular Support TimeTable

Socially Elvis Team/ July 21, 2018/ Info, Site, Support

Hey there, As you may be aware the Socially Elvis team will be unavailable from midday on Tuesday 18th September to midday on Wednesday 26th September, this is because our team will not be in the United Kingdom on these days… We will try to provide emergency support but stress that this will be EMERGENCY only support, this if needed will be provided by Gareth Collinge

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We’ve Reached 200

Socially Elvis Team/ July 10, 2018/ Info, Site, Updates

We’d like to update you on the brilliant progress that Socially Elvis is making and we have today reached 200 members which may seem like a small number but this for us is brilliant and we hugely thank you on helping us progress as we are, Socially Elvis always has been and will remain to be for Elvis Presley fans

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Facebook Protocol Update

Socially Elvis Team/ June 12, 2018/ Features, Info, Site

You’ve probably heard about the Cambridge Analytica scandal which really got Facebook in trouble due to leaked data on millions of people, which affects every big and small company and affects how they use the Facebook API, meaning that you will lose access to many of the Facebook API features if you do not submit your app for review before

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Socially Elvis Team/ May 15, 2018/ Documents, Info, New, Site, Terms

The new General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) is coming to effect on 25/05/2018 and as the name sets out, it is designed to give you more control over your Data and will be effect all companies either in Europe or any company that serves Europe. This changes how companies control your data, Socially Elvis although in and serving Europe as

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Legal Updates

Socially Elvis Team/ March 3, 2018/ Documents, Info, New, Site, Terms, Updates

We have recently updated our Terms Of Use and Privacy Pages, so whats new? We’ve updated our Terms Of Use and made them simpler to understand and simpler to explain We’ve updated our coding and have added tab elements to both the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy pages We’ve added a new Cookie Policy to our Terms Of Use

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Heightened Security

Socially Elvis Team/ November 23, 2017/ Features, Info, New, Sec Issues, Site, Updates/ 0 comments

We have now upped security on Socially Elvis websites/services after being informed that someone has tried hacking into Socially Elvis with failed success, this means that although we know that this hacking failed it has also put us on edge that someone would try to hack into Socially Elvis services. We have now added more security measures to Socially Elvis

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New Bullying Policy

Socially Elvis Team/ November 16, 2017/ Features, Info, New, Site, Updates/ 0 comments

Hi there, We have now added a support process for victims of Cyber Bullying making bullying easier to report. We have decided to add this as some kind of safety net to the victims of Cyber Bullying. Thanks the Socially Elvis team.

New Copyright Process

Socially Elvis Team/ November 15, 2017/ Features, Info, New, Site, Terms, Updates/ 0 comments

When our team went through Socially Elvis to add more to make it better, we realised that the only thing we didn’t have a process for was Copyright Infringement which we decided to act on and add the first Copyright process form to Socially Elvis but to make sure our network wasn’t overloaded we have now added a form to

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SE Radio Launch

Socially Elvis Team/ November 6, 2017/ Info, New, Site, Updates/ 0 comments

Hi there, We have wanted to do something really really special for Socially Elvis for a while but we never quite new what to do, so we are very excited to launch our new online radio station named SE Radio. We hope you like our new radio station and hope you enjoy the songs that we have added to it.

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