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The new General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) is coming to effect on 25/05/2018 and as the name sets out, it is designed to give you more control over your Data and will be effect all companies either in Europe or any company that serves Europe. This changes how companies control your data,


We are at some-point tonight (27/10/2017) adding a new Marketplace feature to Socially Elvis, this is so that our users can buy or sell using Socially Elvis as an advertisement tool. All money is dealt with away from Socially Elvis and is dealt with personally between you and the third-party, this means

New Terms

Hi there, Our Socially Elvis terms of service have now been changed to add more terms in order to make our network safer. The new Socially Elvis terms are effective immediately and can be viewed by going to our Terms page. Thank you The Socially Elvis team.
Hi there, In the maintenance we are just completing as we speak we have made a change to how Twitter login works…. In the past you could join or login without our system getting your email address, but this has now changed. We have done this so that we can identify spam

Our New Announcement

Hi there, we think it is about time we tell you about our latest project which is going to be a new Android mobile quiz so that our users and everyone else can test there Elvis Presley knowledge! We will let you know if and when it has been completed and/or released.
Hi We have now reviewed and re-written our Verification Policy, this is to make it better. Please read our new policy before commenting on it. Click here. Thanks The Socially Elvis team.  
We are proud to announce that Socially Elvis now has a brand new Android app that includes the following Socially Elvis Network Socially Elvis Blog Socially Elvis Info Socially Elvis on Twitter The reason we developed this app is because as you may already know we had a Socially Elvis network app