Socially Elvis Team/ June 12, 2018/ Features, Info, Site

You’ve probably heard about the Cambridge Analytica scandal which really got Facebook in trouble due to leaked data on millions of people, which affects every big and small company and affects how they use the Facebook API, meaning that you will lose access to many of the Facebook API features if you do not submit your app for review before 01/08/2018…. Which sounds quite simple but much of Facebook API documentation isn’t simple, so we will look at submitting for review but we are now wondering whether to end Socially Elvis – Facebook login support, which will end “Sign in and Sign up” features…. But we may continue as we are doing and have been doing for over a year, so things may change but we are currently exploring how we can keep the support for this that we have now and if all fails we will let you know at least a month before ending this support.

The Socially Elvis team

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