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We are at some-point tonight (27/10/2017) adding a new Marketplace feature to Socially Elvis, this is so that our users can buy or sell using Socially Elvis as an advertisement tool. All money is dealt with away from Socially Elvis and is dealt with personally between you and the third-party, this means that the features included are as follows:

  • Adding an item
  • Adding the description
  • Adding photos of the product
  • Adding your required price
  • People can take a look at the photo/description and if interested use our contact button (Example: Contact Socially Elvis) which will then take you to our network messaging feature so that you can contact the seller of the product you are interested in.

This as of 18:49 (London, UK) time has not been added but will be added very shortly.

Let us know your thoughts on this new feature on Twitter (@GWSSE)

Thanks The Socially Elvis team.

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