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We are currently phasing the Gaz’s Web Services Ltd name out of Socially Elvis, this is because obviously everyone knows that Socially Elvis was developed by Gaz’s Web Services Ltd and although we know the roots of Socially Elvis and where it came from we never expected it to grow to be as big as it is and currently we own Seven websites with another website in the pipeline.

Socially Elvis is the first ever site for Elvis Presley fans 1st and a social network 2nd, we offer most of the features of Twitter & Facebook with a newly added Marketplace feature that has now been added. We hope that Socially Elvis will continue for years to come and hope that phasing the Gaz’s Web Services Ltd name may help it become better, not because we don’t like our roots but so that Socially Elvis can be its own and own itself.

You may have noticed already that we have removed Gaz’s Web Services Ltd from the Socially Elvis Privacy Policy and we by midnight tonight (29.10.2017) will have removed the name completely.

Contact us if you want or require anymore information

The Socially Elvis team.

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